Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Iced Teas from David's Tea

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A little while ago, David's Tea recommended some iced teas for us to try out and we have finally tried them all so here's the review :)

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This one wasn't my favourite of the five solely because I like my iced teas strong. This one was a little bit light and watered down. The taste however was pretty good, you could taste the goji berries and the hibiscus, which I liked. My sister likes her teas light so she liked this one. This tea is also caffeine free which is great :) This tea contains apples, goji berries, hibiscus, honeydew melon, and marigold petals.

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Magic Dragon was super good, nice and fruity. This tea was mild but still very flavourful. It has dragon fruit in it - which is unique, I've never heard of it before this - but it definitely makes this tea magical. Apple, rosehips, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, dragon fruit, and cornflower petals can all be found in this amazinggg caffeine free tea.

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This was surprisingly good, I've never had guava before and I wasn't sure how it would taste. Nice and quite refreshing. There is a little guava after taste which I kind of liked but my mom didn't care for. If you don't like guava, I wouldn't recommend it. Also caffeine free, this tea has mango, apple, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, guava crunchy, beetroot, and rosehips.

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Mmmmmm, this one was greeeeat and wonderfully coconut-y ! It's basically a pina colada sans the alcohol. Full of flavour, it's definitely one of my favourites. Hot Tropic is also caffeine free and contains apple, mango, raisins, cinnamon, coconut chips, star anise, and vanilla.

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By far my favourite on this list, love itttt. It's competing with Redberry Tonic for my favourite. My first thought was that it tasted like strawberry cheesecake, but it's definitely parfait. This was so so good. It's basically a dessert in the form of iced tea, so yummy ! Also caffeine free, this tea contains milk, apple, hibiscus, raisins, carrot, yogurt bites, beetroot, strawberry, and rhubarb.

I'm thinking I have a thing for teas with hibiscus, they taste so good ! Hope you enjoy these teas and let us know if you have any recommendations for us :) 

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