Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Monday | BROODS

Hello! Welcome to another Music Monday – no it’s not about One Direction…- This week we’re featuring New Zealand brother & sister duo BROODS! Comprised of Georgia & Caleb Nott, these two released a self-titled EP in January of this year, followed by their debut album “Evergreen” in August (source).

It’s times like these that I am so thankful for SHAZAM. I found out about them after Shazam-ing their release “Bridges”. I loved the song so I checked out their whole album, and I listened to it basically the whole time I was cramming for exams.

The vibe of their music is so rad, and sometimes kind of “other-worldly”. Some tracks feel like a literal dream, or like your floating (which is my favourite feeling when listening to music). Georgia’s vocals are ethereal, and her brother, Caleb’s, production and musical talent is evident. Their genre is like, electronic/indie/pop (as described by myself, as well as their wiki page). They’re also around my age (21 and 19), so I actually feel quite unaccomplished… wonderful.

My favourite tracks off the album (aside from pretty much all of them) are:

·      Mother & Father
·      Killing You
·      Bridges
·      Four Walls

You can find out more about BROODS on their website, and follow them on Twitter for updates. You can also grab their full length album, “Evergreen”, on iTunes!

Enjoy the music!

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