Monday, March 03, 2014

Oscars 2014! - Fashion

It's that time again people! Let's look through the glamorous fashion we saw at the oscars this year!


I mean let's get real. Lupita always hits the mark and last night was no difference. She was a vision in Prada and the beautiful Nairobi blue was glowing on her skin. We also saw a lot of nudes and blush colours which were beautiful, but unfortunately in my opinion the colours washed out many of the actors. However, I loved Cate in this dress because the flower detail looks like it's floating around her. Sandra looks super chic in Alexander McQueen. And THANK THE FASHION GODS Jennifer Lawrence came back from the pillowcase dress, she looked stunning as the lady in red. 


These ladies were allllmost there for me, but they just didn't hit the mark for one reason or another. Anne looks simply stunning as always but the dress was a little to simple for me. It's the same with Emma in my opinion, just a little too safe. All 4 of these dresses were just a little too plain for my liking, but still nice. 


I'm in love with the different colours here! Kevin Spacey and Michael Strachan look awesome in these bold colours. I love it when guys do something a little different. I'm also loving Tyler Perry's white bow tie and John Stamos' all black ensemble. These boys were the ones that stood out for me last night.


Okay, there were a lot of people that I could have nominated for worst dressed. Many dresses were "worse" [if you will] than these. However, I chose these because once again, I was just confused, especially because I expected more from these women. A lot of people were in love with Julia in this lace number from Givenchy but it just has too much going on for me. It has lace, peplum, a V-neck..I don't know it also just doesn't look like it fits right. Call me crazy. Penelope's dress is just too much fabric for me as well. I wouldn't say these women were the worst dressed but..they left me a little confused. 

Who would you say are the best and worst dressed this year? Let me know in the comments below!
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