Thursday, September 05, 2013


    Heylllooo! Alright, it's that time again kids... Time for all of us to head Back To School... ugh I know right, we'd all rather be on a beach somewhere. But, unfortunately summer is over and it's time to hit the books.

   With that in mind, we thought we'd throw together a little list of things to make your Back to School experience a bit easier this school year. Enjoy!


1.     Tea/coffee & snacks for those dreaded 8am classes (#thoseshouldbeillegalbtw). Once you get in there, if you're not already asleep again, you're gonna want something to wake you up and something to snack on. Especially if you've left the house without breaky (which you shouldn't!). So come stacked with snacks :) Muffins, granola bars, yogurt, fruit or bagels are all great things to snack on.

2.     Comfy clothes for those long drives/bus rides/lectures – Leggings, oversized tees, long sleeves & crewnecks, button up chambray shirts & scarves!  Plenty of scarves! It is fall after all and yes, even though it’s nice to still have style when you’re going to school, we know there are those days when you just need to throw on your sweats and mosey on to class, totally acceptable too.

3.     Be Organized! – If there’s one thing the three of us love to do, it’s colour code our notes. Aside from being pretty to look at, it helps organize info so you can scan your notes quickly and get the most important info at a glance. Have separate binders for each class, or dividers atleast. Or separate the files in your school folder on your laptop. These little changes will make school life much easier!

4.     Be Prepared! – Guys, you never want to be the kid asking for a pencil 30 seconds before the exam. So have multiple pens, pencils, tons of lead, two erasers, whiteout, and sticky notes! Having multiple items of each thing will ensure that you never have to worry about this stuff right before the exam!

5.     Make Friends! – In a class of 500 it’s hard to make solid friends. A lot of people wanna go to class (more like sleep in class) and go home. Especially if you’re a commuter, like us. But as hard as it may be sometimes, try to make friends! Whether it’s in your tutorials, labs, the library, where ever! There’s always going to be someone else looking for someone to talk about the homework, and the new episode of whatever show you’re currently catching up on. Having friends will make the school going experience way more bearable. 

6.     GET SLEEP! This is a major one because the three of us are basically insomniacs. We’re all guilty of staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching horrible (but actually amazing) reality shows, or going on tumblr, or starting that paper we got assigned three months ago. But it needs to stop! Although it’s become normal for our generation to stay up WAY later than our adult counterparts, getting sleep is actually really important for growth, development and brain function. So try getting the proper amount of sleep, it’ll do wonders! #momrantover

7.    Have fun! Although, I know, how fun can writing papers and “listening” to someone talk for three hours be, right? That part sucks. But there are clubs, and teams and football games and all sorts of fun, exciting things to do at school J Getting involved, and getting into the action going on at your school can really make the world of difference. 

         There you have it! Some tips for surviving the school year. We'll be using these as well cause, let's be honest, we all need some help to get through school! Have a great year everyone, and don't stress out too much! 


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