Sunday, September 15, 2013

London Fashion Week | My first show ever!

Hi friends! This post is going to be all about my first experience walking in LONDON FASHION WEEK! If you haven't been following my vlogs -- YOU SHOULD:

Recently, I was booked for a show just a couple hours before it started. The clothing line is called PPQ (, and it's an awesome high end brand here in London. I've never walked in a fashion week show before, and I had only done one runway show before this so I was SUPER nervous.

I never saw myself as a runway girl, but I started going to the castings here in London just to try it out, and before I knew it my agency told me I had more options than any girl in the agency! I was super excited about this show because it was an ON SCHEDULE show, which means it was for a big designer. There are also OFF SCHEDULE shows which showcase smaller designers or collections.

I have a vlog that I filmed during this experience, but I thought I'd share some tidbits of photos here! :)

Being my first show ever, I didn't really realize how insanely busy it is! From the second you walk in, there's 3 people doing you hair then someone doing your makeup WHILE someone's doing your nails. Not to mention the 30 + photographers, bloggers, magazines backstage asking for pictures! It's insane! (But awesome..)

Imagine trying to get through that crowd to go to your clothes! INSANITY! There was barely any room to walk, much less change your clothes! 

These were the beautiful sketches of all of the outfits and pieces that the designers wanted to showcase. 

These are the two I was lucky enough to wear! The tshirt I wore was the only piece that had the actual logo on it, and was the only part outfit. And the pants outfit/romper was so flowy and comfortable!

And here is what the beautiful pieces looked like on the runway...

I just think it's so amazing how it all comes to life, so much thought goes into every detail! Even the nails...

These were all hand painted and took the nail technician 12 HOURS to finish them for all of the models!

I was also a huge fun of these comfortable and funky PPQ shoes that we all got to wear!

Also, how in love are you with this head piece? SO CHIC!

Last but not least, the gorgeous runway in Somerset House. For more information on London Fashion Week check out:, and don't forget to check my instagram and twitter for more updates! 

Check out a video of the show here:

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