Monday, September 09, 2013

Music Monday | What Makes You Beautiful - Cover by 'The 1975'

   Happy Monday (even though there aren't ever really happy Mondays are there...)! For this week's Music Monday we're featuring a cover of "What Makes You Beautiful", the hit made famous by english cuties 'One Direction', by a band called 'The 1975'.

    Now, I have a confession. My sister & I have recently become extremely enamoured and charmed by the boys of One Direction (yes, we saw 'This is Us'...). So when my best friend showed me this cover, I was even more stoked about it.

     'The 1975' is a band from the UK who just released their debut album, "The 1975", on September 2nd. They also have four previously released EP's, so check em' out! And while you're doing that, enjoy this beautiful beautiful beautiful cover!

Have an awesome Monday loves! 

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