Thursday, March 07, 2013


Hey everyone! So incase you haven't noticed there's been a bit of a blog re-vamp! is NO MORE! I decided to include my cousins in my blogging life since they have different areas of interest than I do, and I thought it would make my blog more versatile! Plus, I just though it would be fun! So I wanted to introduce you guys to my lovely cousins! There will be more about us on the "ABOUT US" page, but I thought I'd share some pictures of us.

We're very close, and we're super excited and happy that we're going on this blogging journey together!

From left to right: Anita, Sonia, Varsha, Shivani
From left to right: Anita, Sonia, Shivani, Varsha
From left to right: Anita, Shivani, Sonia, Varsha
We like to get a little crazy!
Most importantly: WE LOVE EACH OTHER!

As you can see, we love fashion and beauty, but as much as we are the same, we're all very different and we all have something new to offer to this blog and our readers! Hope you guys enjoy what there is to come!!

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