Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesdays Tune ? | Ed Sheerans - Thinking Out Loud

So we kind of missed Music Monday but this video is just too wonderful to wait another 6 days.

Let me start by saying, I was NOT ready for this. Ed Sheeran released the music video for "Thinking Out Loud" last week and I'm in l o v e. It's an amazing song to begin with and now it has an utterly perfect video to go with it. Congrats to whoever came up with the concept, gold stars for you.

He's all dressed up, looking as dashing as ever AND he's ballroom dancing....does it get any better than this ? Who even knew Ed could dance like that ? He's definitely got some hidden talents. I think it's safe to say all those hours of training really paid off, because he has got some sweet moves. Someone please tell me where I sign up to ballroom dance with Ed. That's now the dream.

So thank you Ed, for surprising everyone with those incredible dance moves and a wonderful video, it is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your Tuesday's Tune everyone, hope you enjoy it as much as I did ! :) 

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