Monday, October 27, 2014

Music Monday | 1989

Happy Monday! Those two things usually don’t go together, but today they do because Taylor Swift’s fifth studio effort, 1989, was released today! 

She’s known for her love songs and anthems about boy trouble, but this album is different.  Aside from completely moving away from her country roots (which is totally fine with me), the lyrics, tone and overall vibe of the album is happiness.  There’s a feeling (and I think this is a unanimous opinion among her fans and people that have heard the album in general) that she’s finally content, happy, and ready to accept the things that have happened and leave them behind for good. It's a refreshing feeling, a clean start kind of album. All of that is encompassed in the opening track "Welcome to New York". 

Musically, this album sees Taylor ditch the acoustic guitar for some “sick beats”, lots of synth, and tons of vocal overlays. It’s definitely an album you can blast in your car on the highway.

Some of my faves are:
·Blank Space  
·All You Had To Do Was Stay
·Bad Blood
·Wildest Dreams
·I Know Places
·New Romantics

In addition to all of the other tracks because every time another one comes on I want to add it to the list. It’s an album I wont be skipping tracks on, which is a rare find. It made me remember how much I love her, and how much she speaks and relates to people. Not to mention she’s the cutest thing and has one of the best celeb tumblr’s around.


Ticks, Pics & MnG
If you buy the album, you’ll get a code that allows you to enter (how many times you want) to win tickets to the shows  & a meet and greet, and you’ll also get 13 polaroid’s with song lyrics on em!

Hidden Messages
In true Taylor tradition, there’s a hidden message in the liner notes. Look for the lowercase letters in each set of lyrics and piece em together to form sentences. Then read the sentences from all of the songs together to get the whole picture. Essentially it’s a reflection of her life over the past two years, which is pretty awesome.

Voice Memos (Deluxe Version)
In addition to the pictures, contest, and hidden messages, there’s one last cool thing Taylor included on the album.  After all of the tracks, there are three more tracks that are voice notes of early creative sessions/workings of “I Know Places”, “I Wish You Would”, and “Blank Space”. This is probably my favourite extra of the album. I LOVE hearing the creative process of artists… it’s so so amazing to hear how songs you know got start and eventually came to life. So so so cool.

Overall, this album is a solid pop album, and I absolutely love it. It reminded me of why I’ve loved Taylor for so long. If you think you're not a fan, give it a chance. 

Happy Listening! 

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