Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday | Ariana Grande

   Hi! Welcome to Music Monday! This week, our feature artist is the mind blowing-ly talented Ariana Grande.

   Kay seriously, words can’t express how much we love this girl. We started watching Victorious (don’t judge) about a year ago, so we first saw her as the not-so-bright red headed cutie, Cat Valentine.  Shortly after, we heard her first single, Put Your Hearts Up, and I wasn’t sold. We thought she was another “Nick Kid” who got a record deal. So I went on her YouTube account to get a better idea of her vocal talent and let me tell you, I have never in my life eaten my words so quickly. The girl has pipes like you wouldn’t believe. Her cover of Mariah Carey’s Emotions was on repeat for weeks. Needless to say, I felt uber stupid...

   After performing in theatre, most notably in the Broadway production of 13, she landed the role of Cat Valentine on Nickoldeon’s Victorious. Once the show ended, she continued acting on Nick, and while completing her debut album Yours Truly. The first single off the album, The Way, featuring rapper Mac Miller did extremely well on the charts making the album even more anticipated. In September 2013, the album was released and debuted at number one of the Billboard 200. Not bad huh?

   We got the album this month (late, we know), and we love it! My favourites are Honeymoon Avenue, Baby I, Right There, and Almost Is Never Enough (A duet featuring Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, her current boyfriend – how cute?!). But the album as a whole is just great. You can clearly see the “90’s Mariah” influence in tracks like You’ll Never Know, Daydreamin’, and Baby I. In contrast, tracks like Honeymoon Avenue, Tattooed Heart, and Almost Is Never Enough have such a classic, 50’s feel. Her voice is so versatile, not to mention powerful, and her whistle register has evoked a jealously in me I cannot comprehend. She has one of the best, if not the best, voice I’ve heard from a young vocalist in years. The fact that she looks up to Whitney, Christina, and Mariah is so evident. Also, she has the cutest, classic style around.

   If you’re interested in checking out a new, extremely extremely extremely talented artist, give Ariana a try! I guarantee you’ll find at least a couple tracks you love, and you’ll fall in love with her absolutely adorable personality. So check out her new album, Yours Truly, and listen to more of her covers on her YouTube channel here!

Enjoy listening! 

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