Monday, October 28, 2013

Revamp your room: Ikea PAX Wardrobe

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This fall I decided to make a bedroom in the basement for me because 7 people residing on one floor was getting a tad crowded. We cleared out a section of the basement and I'm almost all moved in. The nice thing about the basement is that my room is a lot more spacious. However, since it wasn't designed for a bedroom, there is no closet space. So I went looking online for wardrobes that would fit all of my clothes and be cost friendly.

I decided to get the Ikea PAX Wardrobe and it is the best decision I have made. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend ($700) but I like it because it's completely customizable.

So how the PAX wardrobes work, you first choose the frame for the wardrobe. You can choose between 4 colours of wood: white, white stained oak, birch effect and black brown. There are also 3 different sizes: 50cm, 75cm, and 100cm wide. I went simple and did two white frames that were 75cm wide, 58cm deep and 201cm tall. The next step is choosing your doors. You could choose sliding or hinged doors. You also had the choice between wood, glass, coloured glass doors, frosted, or mirrored doors or a combination of them. I opted for the mirrored sliding doors. Lastly, ikea has a variety of interior organizers to choose from. Different types of shelves, clothes rails, drawers, shoe organizers and pant hangers are available. I kept it simple and got the interior chest of drawers, three clothes rails and two grey glass shelves.

This is what you would see online or in stores:
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This is how it turned out:

My sister and I built this ourselves. It wasn't extremely hard to build but it did take a fair amount of time to put together. Make sure you read the manual carefully because the ikea instructions can be very confusing at times. I built mine to have two shelves and a double hang on the left, and one clothes rail for my dresses and a chest with 3 drawers on the right. It was definitely worth it, I love my PAX wardrobe :)

You can check out the wardrobes here! Let us know how you guys organize your stuff or if you have a PAX wardrobe aswell!

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