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Music Monday | Fall Albums

Hello Dolls! Ugh school has been keeping us SO BUSY! But we're back with a brand new Music Monday. This week we're not featuring a song, or an artist in particular. Since it's the time of year for scarves, and cozy sweaters we figured we'd do a post on two albums that are perfect for Fall!

Fall is the time where we tend to ditch those upbeat, feel-good party anthems for more mellow, calming, cozy music. These are the albums that remind us of pumpkin carving, late walks through the leaves, warm drinks and cool nights.

The first album up is Taylor Swifts' most recent release, "Red".

I don't know if it's just because this album was released in the Fall of 2012, but the whole album is pretty much the perfect soundtrack for a drive on a long back road on a crisp Fall evening. The album features upbeat, guitar driven tracks like "Red" and "State of Grace" interspersed with slow, calming songs like "Begin Again" and "Sad Beautiful Tragic", giving listeners a song for almost every mood. Although there are songs more reminiscent of happy go-lucky summer times, like "22", the "sitting-in-a-cafe-with-a pumpkin-spice-latte" mood can be felt through the majority of the album.  That is why T.Swifts' "Red", is on our list of perfect Fall albums.

Red Fall Playlist:
·      State of Grace
·      Red
·      Treacherous
·      All Too Well
·      I Almost Do
·      Stay Stay Stay
·      Holy Ground
·      Sad Beautiful Tragic
·      The Lucky One
·      Starlight
·      Begin Again

Next on our list is "+", by Ed Sheeran. 

When his first single "The A-Team" was released, I'll be honest, although everyone was going nuts, I wasn't that into it! It wasn't until I was sitting at home one day and saw the video for "Lego House" (which features our fav wizard/best friend Rupert Grint btw), and heard "Kiss Me" during a scene of "The Vampire Diaries" that I really fell in love. After hearing song after song, and liking song after song, I had to go out and buy the album. Needless to say, it was completely worth it. Ed gives off this air of effortlessness, and exudes raw natural talent. You can tell he was born to do nothing else but write and play songs for the world. The entire album is perfect for Fall nights when you're wrapped up in your bed with some tea and a book, or when you're cuddled up by the fire. His voice is so calming, making it the perfect album to fall asleep to when you're cozy in bed. The album is so...warm, and that's why it's made our list of perfect Fall Albums.

Ed Sheeran Fall Playlist:
·      The A-Team
·      Drunk
·      U.N.I
·      Wake Me Up
·      Small Bump
·      This
·      Lego House
·      Kiss Me
·      Give Me Love

Other artists that make a great soundtrack to your Fall evenings are:
·      Kings of Leon

·      The Lumineers
·      The Civil Wars
·      Bon Iver
·      Jack’s Mannequin
·      Tyler Hilton

There you have it! A couple of albums and artists to help you set the Fall mood. If you haven't heard of some of these artists, check em out! Have a great week :)

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