Monday, January 14, 2013


Okay before I start this post you NEED to watch this music video..then the title will make more sense..

That's where I got the BABIES BABIES BABIES! from..hahahaha.

Okay so seriously, so many of my cousins have been having babies this year! And you know what that means..BABY SHOWERS! I love baby showers! My family gets pretty into this stuff, we love decorating and planning parties so I thought I'd share some pictures from two of the baby showers we've had over the last couple of months!

First, my cousin Savita actually JUST had her baby, little Aria, she's a beaut and we can't wait to meet her soon! This baby shower happened back in June, but I didn't decide to do this post until now..hence the lateness..:)

You'll notice that my family tends to go a little crazy with this stuff, but anywho, here are some pictures from Sissy's (that's what we call her) baby shower!

This was just ONE of the tables of aunts like to go bonkers with the sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres. Unfortunately because I was working in Hamilton, I didn't get to help out at all with this baby shower, but I can still share the tips and tricks I've learned from my family that my cousins and I learned for when WE get to throw some killer showers.
Tip #1:  Throwing some pretty flowers on a table with food always makes it look just a little more put together and adds that extra UMPH of decor to a food table.

Tip #2: If you look closely you'll see little labels with baby symbols on them stuffed into the cupcakes and sandwiches, you can usually get this from any event isle in a department store, or craft stores such as Michael's. These are great because they add a little touch of relevance to the event, and again can make a food table a little cuter. 

These were just SOME of the presents, more came later, gorgeous right!?
Tip #3: Notice the flowers on the wall and hanging for the doorway in the picture above? You never need to go too crazy with decorations. Elegance comes with simplicity (unless you're going for a crazy look, then by all means go ahead). But for something girly like a baby shower, it's so easy to find cheap decorations like stick-on flowers and paper garlands to throw on in any living room or party room to spice up the paint on the walls! (but on a BUDGET!)

CAKE TABLE! MMMM that cake was soo good.
Tip #4: Stack you cups! There are so many different and effective ways in which you can do this. It looks super cool for a party, not like boring rows of cups! And it also SAVES YOU A LOT of space on the table to make room for more things..LIKE CAKE!!

This was another sweets table (see..I told you they went cray cray)..
Tip #5: COLOUR SCHEME!! It's always great to have a consistent colour scheme, my family definitely kept this party light green and pink, with an accent table like this one allowed for a nice attraction!

Tip #6: GET CREATIVE! On this table they decided to spread the plates (which were shaped as butterflies) and spoons all over the table, instead of stacked like usual. As well, I'm not actually sure what the little flowers and dragonflies are but an easy alternative to those are BEADS that you can get at the dollar store! Just laying them around a table in between plates makes it look like a gorgeous elegantly busy table, instead of just a table cloth.

All the girls :) Cousins and cousin-in laws..who were able to help way more than I was for this shower!!

These little bracelets were from a game we played where NO ONE could say baby except for the new mommy! And if you DID say baby, and someone caught you, they got to take your bracelet..the person with the most bracelets at the end wins a prize!!

Savita and I!! <3

Again these are from a game we played, my cousins went all out and used cute font and even stuck the paper on pink paper! I can't remember this game though! :(

Cupcakes! Cupcakes are just essential for showers, this is my cousin Varsha and I :) <3
So that was baby shower #1! I hope you guys liked some of the tips I found. I didn't want to give a HOW-TO run a baby shower, unless that's something you would like to see! In which case leave a comment and I will definitely make that happen! I just wanted to post little tips people may find useful! Hope you liked it :)


This baby shower was actually for our dear friend Ana who happens to be Savita's brother's (Devin's) fiancée! (Confusing I know..) But they're having babies in the same year! This baby shower was WAY more recent, just in December!

I got some awesome ideas from this party that I will totally share with you all!

Here are some pictures!

Idea #1: Wishes for baby!I thought these were a super cute idea! Something the new mommy can keep and show to the baby when they get older!

Idea #2: Get some crazy balloons!
Some of the decorations..balloons are seriously the most awesome decorations because:
a) They work for every event
b) They can be very inexpensive
c) They can be easily customized like the ones you see in the picture below
d) They make it really easy to have a colour scheme!

Idea #3: Wrap with cellophane! Presents!! Cellophane is so awesome when wrapping lots of gifts. You make think it's difficult but it's not, just throw your gifts in a basket, roll out a piece of cellophane (a large piece), put the basket on top, gather all the cellophane at the top and tie it up with a ribbon! It's so easy and it looks so gorgeous!

Idea #4: Make food that's easy and versatile!
SANDWICHES GALORE! Here my family made:
1) Cucumber and Cream Cheese
2) Cheesepaste
3) Egg Salad
Sandwiches are easy, affordable and yummy!!

My grandma, isn't she just the cutest!?

My cousin Varsha facilitating one of the games here. You'd be surprised how easy it is to google "baby shower games" and facilitate a whole party!

Idea #5: Thank you gifts! This was a really nice touch. Not only does it give everyone something to remember, it also says thank you by making every one feel special for coming!!

MMMM my aunt's homemade scones with jam and english creme! #fave

Idea #6: Don't forget some healthy snacks!

Idea #7: A customized cake is always great if you can afford it. They give an event that extra special touch of personalization!

You know how I love symmetry...

So of course I took a picture from the other side..

Ana cutting her cake!!

A DIAPER CAKE! OMG YOU GUYS I literally thought this was the coolest thing ever! It's not a cake you can eat but one of Ana's friends took diapers and made them into the shape of a cake for the party! SO AWESOME!

Idea #8: Gifts for Daddy! This was actually such an awesome and cute idea! It was so sweet because it didn't leave the boys out! it came with cute gifts like a Daddy Guide and...


Idea #9: Personalize where you can! These awesome little posters are great because they definitely helped personalize the party. They were all done by Ana's sister, Erica, who owns an awesome party store called Embella Party Supplies and Giftware! She actually planned the whole shower!

My cousins and I with the new mommy!!

It was such a fun shower! Thanks for having us!

Haha, this was just a funny picture Varsha took while we were transporting things in the elevator!!
I hope everyone enjoyed and got some tips and ideas incase they ever plan a shower!