Monday, January 12, 2015

LUSH | Spacegirl

Hi! FIRST POST OF 2015! We're back back from break, and hope everyone had an awesome holiday season!

I never really take baths. I want to, I just never get around to it. As you all know, Sonia is our resident "LUSH expert", but seeing as I want to venture more into their products (and baths/overall piece of mind in general) this year, I thought I'd try out a bath bomb for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

I was on tumblr, scrolling as one does, and saw a cool picture of a girl in a bath. Her bath literally looked like the galaxy, so naturally I wanted whatever it was that she put in her bath. So I headed to LUSH and recounted the story. The girl in the store helpfully pointed me in towards their "SPACEGIRL" bath bomb.

IT'S SHAPED LIKE SATURN, so I was sold immediately. It's purple, and had glitter all over it. Again, sold immediately. It smells like blackcurrants, which is a smell I didn't know I was into until standing there, smelling this bath bomb.

I headed home, and waited for January 1st to try this baby out. What's a better way to start the new year than basking in the warm waters of your own bathtub galaxy? I drew my bath, dropped it in and watched the fizzing begin. This particular bath bomb contains "popping candies" that add to the overall awesome fizz display. The fizzing went away fairly quickly :( and once it was over, I hopped in, turned my music up and relaxed my way into the new year. The bath was less dark, sparkly, and "thick" looking than I expected, but it was wicked beautiful none-the-less.

The featured ingredient in "Spacegirl" is grapefuit oil, which is amazing for your skin and helps lift your mood & alleviate stress. Perfect combination, I'd say. It was definitely the perfect start to my 2015. After the bath I felt super relaxed, and actually hoped in bed early (which is a remarkable feat for me).

This is the first bath bomb I've ever tried, so I don't have any frame of reference (as of yet). However, considering I already have a second one I think this is going to be one I go back to time and time again. I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try. You can purchase it at any LUSH store for $5.25 and in the mean time, click here for more deets!

Happy relaxing! 

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