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Music Monday | Unorthodox Jukebox

Hello everyone! Happy Family Day to all the Canadian's enjoying the time off with family :) This week we're featuring Bruno Mars' new record, "Unorthodox Jukebox"!

Now, to be honest, when Bruno released 'Just the Way You Are', I was not a fan. I brushed it off as a one hit kinda deal. Then 'Grenade' came out, and I enjoyed it, but still wasn't really sold. He performed Amy Winehouse's hit 'Valerie' during her VMA tribute, and I realized vocally he was impressive.

'Treasure' and 'When I Was Your Man' were the two singles that pretty much solidified my interest in Bruno. Treasure's overall groove was amazing, I was so happy he was bringing that old school groove back in full force; and 'When I Was Your Man' still makes me tear up when I listen to it. His melodies, grooves, vocals, and obvious passion became captivating.

He performed on this years' Super Bowl Half Time Show (with the RHCP, ah!) and it he killed it. After that performance, I definitely figured i should listen to the entire album. Anita bought it and lent it to me recently, and I LOVE IT. I listened to it start to finish, over and over again.

Although I listen to every track, 'Gorilla' is definitely my favourite one. Musically and vocally it's so dynamic. The EPIC instrumentals laced with incredibly sexy lyrics make it a super intense track. In my opinion, it's sort of Prince-esque (is that too bold?). 'Moonshine' is another one of my favourites. It's more of a mellow track, with a good melody. I really enjoy the chorus of 'Natalie', which tells the story of a thieving, deceitful girl. 'Show Me' is a different from the doo-wop kinda feel we're used to. It has a reggae vibe, which my Caribbean blood totally digs. The steel pan (synthesized, not real, I think?), and the sirens make it a really chill track. Island vibes, holla! LOL. 'If I Knew' is such an old school, soulful, track. I am SUCH a sucker for slower, hearty, blues-y tracks. So so so good! The minor chords thrown into the progressions hit me RIGHT in the soul every time I hear em (similar to John Mayer's 'I'm Gonna' Find Another You', love love love). It brings a certain kind of smile to my face that only happens when I can physically feel the music.

Then there are the singles, 'Treasure', 'When I Was Your Man', 'Young Girls', and 'Locked Out of Heaven', which we all know are great.

So Bruno, I'm sorry for ever dismissing you. I've eaten all of my words (just like I did with Ariana), and am thoroughly enjoying the new record. I am so excited to learn this album, both vocally and instrumentally. Thanks for bringing lyrically sound, intensely groovy music back into our lives.

Definitely check out the record guys! Let us know what you think in the comment box below! 
Enjoy listening! 

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