Monday, June 03, 2013

Manicure Monday: Glitter!

Hey Girlies! Here's a quick little mani you can do if you're on the run and you need cute nails in a flash :)

I used:

-Deborah Lippmann's "Whatever Lola Wants"
-O.P.I's "You Glitter Be Good To Me" 

It's as simple as one, two. 

First: coat your nails in "Whatever Lola Wants". You can put on as many coats as you want depending on how solid you want the base colour to be. 
Second: Once the base colour is dry, put on "You Glitter Be Good To Me" over top. Again, you can put on as many coats as you want depending on how solid you want the glitter to be.

And you're done! The glitter nail polish dries super quickly so you'll be ready to go out with your cute nails in no time! The whole mani took me less than ten minutes.

PROM ALERT! If you're looking to stray away from the traditional french manicure for prom this is a super cute idea! the glitter is flirty, fun, and comes in many different colours so you're guaranteed to find one that matches! You can mix and match the base and glitter colours to create so many different looks :)

you can leave it with the plain glitter, or you can add little design on an accent nail if you want to add some of your personality to it! I added a white lightning bolt on my ring finger :)

Have fun glittering it up! and to all the seniors, have an amazing time at prom XO

If you try this mani, send us pictures and let us know what you think in the comment box below! 

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